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Hi, I’m Dr. Mark D. Yates


I’m a professional global security consultant & I specialise in developing, leading, managing & staffing complex security assignments which others can’t, or won’t do, anywhere in the world. For 25 years I prevented terrorists & other professional killers from executing or kidnapping my corporate business clients &/or stealing their valuable assets in 45 Countries across 5 Continents. The best thing I learnt, was how to incorporate special forces skills & experience into managing risks & threats for my corporate clients.

I help business owners, C-level executives, Investors & corporations leverage my international security assets, contacts, expertise & Intelligence to create security stability & maintain business operational continuity during times of crisis & unexpected critical incidents. My considerable expertise is supported by my provision of elite professional security managers & hostile environment special operations teams for high-risk, unusual & other complex security assignments. This enables me to minimise risks & threats to client’s operations, executive personnel, assets, corporate brand & reputational damage.

If you or your corporation, or organisation are faced with an unusual or difficult situation requiring a world-class professional security specialist, then contact me today for a bespoke confidential ‘Executive Consultation’.
I specialise in deploying and managing former special forces personnel into required quick response teams
for complex, unusual and emergency security tasks. I provide the following professional services…

Corporate Security For
Blue-Chip Clients & Investors

• Consultancy
• Executive & asset protection
• Staff overseas personal escorting
• Critical incident planning & management
• Event planning & security management
• Company brand & reputation protection management
• Corporate security front of house licenced officers
• COVID-19 management testing of site & staff

Risk, Threat, Crisis &
Emergency Management

• Risk identification, planning & management
• Threat identification, planning & management
• Hostile environment crisis & emergency planning
• Critical incident business continuity management
• Operations directors & managers for overseas deployment
• Security trouble shooting
• Training rapid response teams
• Bespoke management consultancy

TV & Media Security

• Hostile environment protection & training
• TV presenter & celebrity protection
• Protestor groups & radical activists protection
• External broadcasting crew back watching
• Asset protection
• HQ & location security officers
• Staff security awareness training
• Employee counter stalking management & security

Complex Security Operations

• Force protection
• Consultation planning & management
• Threat identification & risk minimisation
• Overseas law enforcement & security contacts
• Overseas Intelligence & military contacts
• Surveillance -counter surveillance
• Lead security operations management
• Special event security

Volatile & Ambiguous
Security Operations

• Training personnel as close protection officers
• Developing & delivering global security training programmes
• COVID-19 special operations management
• Trouble shooting
• Fraud & theft identification & Investigations
• Security site, venue & company audits & assessments
• Counter terrorism consultancy
• Security staff recruitment & strategic business alliances

Business Development For
Security Companies

• Professional security presenters for pitching to investors
• Security business development managers
• Security sales professional managers
• Security writers’ for Investment pitches, reports, & web sites
• Managing social media accounts for security businesses
• Graphic & web design services for security businesses
• Dynamic keynote speakers for your special events
• Represent your security business for TV & Media presentations

Some of the Prestigious Organisations who have benefitted from our Professional Security Management, Consultancy Advice & Specialist Training Services 

Throughout my pro’ security career my client base has been as extensive as it has been diverse.
The following is just a short synopsis of the clients I have provided my close protections and/or
corporate security service, consultation and/or training services for during the last 2 years…
• 40+ MP’s - members of the UK Parliament
• 2 Major UK TV channels
• 27 UK TV presenters
• Distinguished members of the House of Lords
• Distinguished Leader of the House of Commons
• Distinguished members of the House of Commons
• Former First Minister of Northern Ireland
• Former Mayor of London
• Several former European Members of Parliament
• Former Brexit Party leader
• Former senior advisor to a UK Prime Minister
• USA Defence committee Politician
• Several former senior high ranking military officers
• Several current & former newspaper editors & senior reporters
• Various TV celebrities
• Various sports celebrities
• Several celebrity press journalists
• Various global pop music legends
• Various UK actors
• A multi-millionaire book author
• Multiple senior TV executive producers
• CEO of a UK TV News Channel
• COO of a UK TV News Channel
• Multi-millionaire celebrity company director
All names purposely not disclosed to preserve operational security & confidentialities.
There are over 320 client written recommendations on my LinkedIn profile page.
Hopefully the following few should be enough to inspire your confidence in me.

BBC Dragons Den Quotation From Theo Paphitis – Entrepreneur

I get it Mark, you are the real deal James Bond. It’s no coincidence that all 5 Dragons have advised you to form your own high level consultancy group.

BBC Dragons Den Quotation From Peter Jones - Entrepreneur

If you Mark D. Yates had pitched to the Dragons today as a top end business consultant then myself and two other Dragons would have invested in you. Given your very credible business background I advise you to build your business consultancy company.

BBC Dragons Den Quotation From Evan Davis - Dragons Den TV Host

Mark D. Yates you really commanded the full respect of all 5 business Dragons.

BBC Dragons Den Quotation From Deborah Meaden – Entrepreneur

Mark, you have far more business contacts than we Dragons have. Grow your consultancy business.

BBC Dragons Den Quotation From – BBC Dragons Den Web Site Director

Mark, your business presentation was the most riveting I have ever seen on Dragons Den. You also gave us, the BBC web site production team a ‘master class’ in Internet marketing.

Stuart Goldsmith Director, Alithea Limited

“Dr. Mark D. Yates is the Rolls Royce model of ‘a safe pair of hands’. During the last 15 years I’ve witnessed his total dedication & commitment to the security business tasks at hand. He takes his work very seriously & is completely unflappable is a crisis. There are few people on this planet I would trust with my life, or my business. I trust Mark.”

Jason M Fish. Medical Doctor

Mark is simply the most skilled experienced and reliable security professional with whom I have ever had the privilege of working.

Norman E. Jennings Former Police Commissioner & Commissioner of Public Safety Marshall Islands South Pacific.

I have known and worked with Dr. Mark D. Yates on 3 Continents during the last 20+ years and have marvelled at his unique ability for security leadership, operational management and for formulating powerful & productive special forces alliances around the world

Rashesh Joshi Accountant & Co Founder And Director, Alexander Rosse

Mark has an infectious enthusiasm and an ability to listen really well. He has a very agile mind that is able to take on different perspectives. But the most important thing about Mark is this – as a renowned international security expert, he's a really nice guy to work with

David E. Miller Aviation Technician

I have known and been associated with The British American Security Expert Dr. Yates for over 15 years, and I have the utmost faith in his abilities. His security executive protection prowess and motivational leadership skills are second to none, and his International security and law enforcement networking connections provide positive results.

Murray Ambler-Shattock

In my dealings with Mark, I have always found him to be not only a highly knowledgeable security expert professional in his official capacities, but also a highly skilled and well-connected business growth specialist. He is also a very personable and genuine fellow, who is keen to help good, honest, hard-working people succeed. Engaging his services offers a very good return on investment for any business serious about growth.

Ian Nethercott Business Growth Expert

Dr. Mark Yates is not only a trained Military operative and business growth consultant who can get things done, he is a trained LinkedIn expert who can train you and your team how to get results. He is also a strong leader and trainer and one of the most connected security business people on LinkedIn Globally.

20 Confidence Inspiring Reasons To Retain Dr. Mark D. Yates

0130 years of global security experience provided in 45 Countries.
0299% of former clients stated they would recommend me.
03Over 325 written client recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.
04Provided my security & close protection consultancy & training services for Royalty, Presidential, Diplomatic, Dignitary, Judiciary, Politicians, TV Presenters, Celebrities & Corporate clients.
05Provided my security services for over 120 different business sector clients.
06I personally manage over 5,000 global security & law enforcement specialists.
07A chief prosecution security expert witness in the world’s first ever post Sept’ 11th Al Qaeda terrorist trial.
08A Doctorate in Security Management.
09Former CEO & & Special Forces training Instructor of Ground Zero USA.
10Personally trained thousands of global military, police, special forces, Intelligence & security agency personnel world-wide.
11Licenced & certified Close Protection team commander.
12Qualified 20 year corporate-business management consultant.
13Global TV & media recognised security & close protection expert.
14Featured in hundreds of TV, Radio & Press global publications as a security & close protection expert consultant.
15Media & PR savvy, adept at helping clients deal with TV & Media relating to critical and/or sensitive incidents.
16I’m the world’s most highly connected security expert from LinkedIn’s 730+ million business members.
17Former close protection team leader for Queen Elizabeth’s anniversary gala.
18Published 2 security /close protection books.
195 major TV documentaries have been filmed & broadcast about me training special forces & close protection officers.
2030-year verifiable global security & close protection career history.

Media & Press
Executive Overview

Dynamic Key Speaker

Available for TV News, Radio, Media, Corporate, Expert Witness & Subject Matter Presentations & Specialist Guest Appearances

Mark's Specialist Skills & Topics

Global corporate security
Counter terrorism
Special forces operations & training
VIP close protection
Global emergency crisis
Intelligence agency operations
Mafia activities
Organised crime & drug cartels
Stalking & harassment
Domestic violence
Threat & risk management
Gun & knife crime
COVID-19 task force management
Close Protection & SWAT Training

Dr. Mark D Yates The British American Security Expert

Back Story Synopsis

After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Towers & the Pentagon in the USA,

the FBI logged multiple credible death threats made by Al Qaeda terrorist sympathisers against Mark. Despite aL Qaeda killing thousands of innocent people in
these attacks, Mark ignored the personal risks and he returned from the USA to the UK to serve as an expert chief prosecution witness in the world’s first ever post Sept’ 11th aL Qaeda terrorist trial at the Old Bailey Court London England.

After a Russian TV station broadcast about mafia gangsters being killed, the Russian & Ukrainian Mafia then placed contracts to kill Mark.

The world’s press & media then promoted Mark as the British American Security Expert, Action Man, The Mafia Buster, The Bodyguard from Liverpool, The Real Deal - James Bond & A World Class Security Professional.

Dr. Mark D. Yates has provided his security expertise, operational command, and training in 45 Countries as a military, law enforcement, Intelligence, counter terrorist, anti-mafia task force and special forces commander.

5 major TV documentaries have been filmed and broadcast about Mark training global government, military & police special forces & special operations teams in hostile environments. He has published 2 specialist security-protection books including his recent 2021 publication, ‘The Mafia Buster’. He has written hundreds of articles for magazines, newspapers and online media platforms and has provided live interviews for multiple TV & radio stations world-wide.

Recognised globally as a government and law enforcement security specialist, he has provided his security expert advisory and consultancy services to a number of the world’s most elite security-intelligence & special forces agencies.

For 6 years Mark was the former CEO and operational team commander of an ’Elite Special Forces Team’ of extremely high-risk multi-national close protection officers employed by Ground Zero USA.

Mark has provided his covert & overt security protection & counter terrorism services for royalty, presidential, diplomatic, judiciary, CEO’s and high net worth individuals.

Mark was the close protection team commander for Queen Elizabeth’s anniversary gala.

Mark holds a doctorate in security management. He is frequently retained as a security expert, keynote speaker and security advisor for global events. He is an engaging security and counter terrorism knowledgeable specialist speaker.

Since early 2020 he was retained by a UK government approved security risk consultancy to senior manage government-MOD-NHS run ‘restricted access’ COVID-19 test sites. He is currently recognised as one of the UK’s most highly experienced COVID-19 Task Force Commanders & Security Operational Lead Managers.

Security Expert Defined - Background Overview

The title, The British American Security Expert was bestowed on me by global media and TV broadcasters 20 years ago. This was after I returned from the USA to provide testimony as a chief prosecution ‘security expert’ witness in the world’s first ever Post September 11th criminal trial at the Old Bailey Court in London, England.

This was after aL Qaeda killed close to 3,000 innocent people in the infamous three attacks in the USA. This trial was to prosecute the first ever alleged terrorist linked to aL Qaeda. It was also the first case to be tried under the new UK Terrorism Act 2000. The trial lasted approx’ 6 weeks including 5 days of jury deliberation. It concluded Friday 9th August 2002. 

Considered to be a global ‘Trophy Trial’ it received massive global media coverage, with TV and press outlets from most Countries around the world covering this high-profile trial. I utilise The British American Security Expert phrase to this day not out of vanity, but because it instils supreme confidence in client’s seeking my professional security services.

Security Expert Defined

I believe the word ‘EXPERT’ is often misused by some people seeking to inflate their egos and mislead prospective clients, so many years ago I conducted extensive research to identify precisely what an ‘Expert’ has to do to be considered a security expert. 

In 2008 the world-famous book author Malcolm Gladwell wrote ‘The Story Of Success’ which incorporated the 10,000 hour rule based on external research by Dr. K Anders Ericsson from Florida State University. He identified that ‘expert’ level performance takes on average 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to achieve. 

10,000 hours = 8 hours of deliberate practice every day for approximately three and a half years, with no breaks, no weekends off and no vacations. 

Assuming a standard 260 working days in a year with no distractions, that’s a full-time job for approx’ 5 years, and that’s assuming you spend 100% of that time exerting 100% of your effort and energy in your specific subject area. As a comparison, most global professional performers in ultra-competitive fields like pro-sports and classical music etc, can only maintain the required maximum energy for three and a half hours every day. Gladwell explains it can therefore take a full decade or more to develop and master a skill to what is considered ‘Expert Status’. 

I always knew if I wanted to provide a world-class specialist security service to global Government and corporate Blue-Chip clients I would have to seriously invest in my own life-long personal continuous professional development. To achieve this, I carefully planned my career to incorporate special forces, law enforcement, Intelligence, private security training and live security operations in as many Countries as possible, including as many hostile environments as I could. 
My ultimate goal was to become a genuine global ‘security expert’ consultant. I know I’ve achieved my goal, because I still have clients and close protection security officers that I’ve trained world-wide who still utilise my services after 25 years because they respect my security expert status. Wiser people than me suggest there’s a fine line between supreme confidence and arrogance, and only the most professional ‘Serious Participants’ can really tell the difference between the two.

My extensive experience has bestowed me with a level of supreme confidence, without any ego or arrogance traits. I believe it’s summed up in the following Special Forces mantra – Amateur’s practice until they get it right - whereas professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.”
Contact The British American Security Expert Service Today for your bespoke ‘Executive Security Consultation’ with one of our most senior security experts.

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